Foggy Days

Foggy Days

Remember I said this image sort of looked like something out of a horror movie to me? Well, I started writing something.

It’s daft. This is all I’ve written so far. But I’m posting it because I want to try and post something everyday this month. Even if it isn’t really done right? Apparently, yes. Not sure why…

Anyways this evening I managed to throw together one image from the thing – kinda.

If you liked You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You And Swing It! you will be incredibly disappointed by this. It’s not a charming tale. It’s bonkers like the toons. Which are at best so so. But I do enjoy them – I just wish they were easier and quicker to put together.

What’s it about? I don’t actually know yet.

Is it scary? Not yet.

Are there zombies? No. It’s not a zombie (imaginary) film. Sorry.

danny amid disaster
Danny gets close enough to see who is inside the car. For a moment the look of anxiety and fear that’s hung on his features lifts.

Is Twimii in it? She is. The whole gang is there.

And sure who wouldn’t want to imagine watching people in that lovely and yet slightly off-putting kitchen setting? Who, I ask you?

twimii header
Rabbit’s mostly full-sized in this. I think.

No, it’s not set in Cavan. Sorry. … Or you’re welcome. Whichever is most appropriate.

Anyway, here it is –

Foggy Days Part 1