Lost Classic That Never Was – Part 3

Lost Classic That Never Was – Part 3

Bertie and Bunny take a trip to Totts of Harlem – we meet some more characters there and hear some fine music.

Ginger Rogers and Billie Holiday
Rosie talking to Mr. Lloyd with Edee in the background.

If you’re wondering what all this is about I guess reading the first neverwas post, is a good place to start – but I do go on – so look it’s an 1930s film I’d enjoy watching except it was never actually made. That’s pretty much it.

And there’s musical numbers in this bit. Yeah musical numbers!!! Billy Holiday singing My Man and Cab Calloway and The Nicholas Brothers doing Jumping Jive.

And Wooster. No Jeeves. There’s a bit of Jeeves in the next bit. I had some stuff I was going to say about Jeeves and Wooster but I’m killed with a cold at the moment so my rambling thoughts are even more all over the place than usual so I’ll leave it for another post.

And the Marx brothers are in this bit too. Just a little scene. I haven’t really written it out right because I figure they used to ad-lib a bit, I think, so I imagine they’d do something different anyway. But the scene here is kinda(ish) like the scene in Duck Soup. Not like that scene there – but that’s funnier. Did I mention I have a cold?

I did watch again the scenes from The Fountainhead that I’m using here. Well, I watched bits of them. Dominique does throw the statuette out the window – so not off a balcony – but there is a shot of the statuette falling to the ground. An individual so wrapped up in herself she has no regard for the safety of others – I think it’s pretty clear that whoever made this didn’t share Ayn Rand’s outlook. I know, it totally sounds like I’m taking it way too seriously. I’m not. Honestly. It’s just the cold and flu talking. And what it meant to say was – looking through the bits of the scenes I have changed them a little. Well one is completely changed because instead of it being Peter, Dominique and Gail at dinner it’s Bertie Wooster, Dominique and Gail at dinner. And that’s a bit of a change.

Oh yes, there is also an old friend (not in the books) of Bertie’s that he bumps into on the street, played by Margaret Lockwood. I wanted her to be dressed very fashionably because she’s married money so I was searching through 1930s women’s coats and the suit below was among them – I think it’s actually Dior from the 1950s but it just looked so well I had to use it. Isn’t it gorgeous? – What do think are the chances that Penney’s or H&M will make a version of it?

So this is the next bit. And below are links to all the bits so far:

Patricia Neal in the Fountainhead
Dominique with her statue of a “god”. Looks a lot more like a torture victim to me…
Chico, Harpo and Groucho Marx
Chico, Harpo and Groucho Marx in the square below.
David Niven as Bertie Wooster pretending to be Peter Keating, with Patrica Neal in The Fountainhead.
I’m not going to help you. I’d like to see it decided between Mr. Wynand and yourself.
David Niven as Bertie Wooster acting like a cold-hearted giant of the business world.
Raymond Massey
You’re supposed to slap my face.
Raymond Massey and Patricia Neal
Gail kissing Dominique.
Margaret Lockwood and David Niven
Bunny momentarily distracted by Dominique.
Peter hiding out at his cabin in the country. Wouldn't you love a hideout cabin the wilderness somewhere.
Peter hiding out at his cabin. Wouldn’t you love a hideout cabin the wilderness somewhere?
The Nicolas Brothers and Cab Calloway
Oh, look – marvelous stuff, eh? (Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers – Jumping Jive)
billie holiday
I’d really love to sing for you Mr. Lloyd.
Billie Holiday
It’s cost me a lot… Edee singing My Man plus a few more tunes…

And here is what she sounded like singing Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me in the 1930s the speed is wrong so just click on the settings button and switch it to 1.25. They must have fixed it.