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April 2, 2015 / Ramblings & Rants
February 12, 2015 / Ramblings & Rants

Me going on, quite briefly really, about a cheap winter holiday to Cyprus – which I’d recommend. And also complaining about not being let through check-in. Had the same issue again this year at Dublin airport. Different airline. I know it’s important to get there in time but damnit 5 minutes?! Seriously…

December 8, 2014 / Ramblings & Rants
December 8, 2014 / Ramblings & Rants
May 19, 2014 / Ramblings & Rants

I watched a marketing slideshow and was infuriated by how it started off by apparently being anti-consumerism and then finished by just asking you to like brands. Then I watched Exit Through The Giftshop and got really mad over a bit about Guantanamo Bay. So this would be a rant.

October 28, 2012 / Ramblings & Rants
August 20, 2012 / Ramblings & Rants
August 27, 2011 / Ramblings & Rants

Self-help books. Has anyone who is really successful ever actually read one of these and used what they read to become successful? And just how do you define success anyway? Isn’t that something that is very dependent on the individual in question?

As you’ve probably already guessed I’m not really a fan of self-help books. There are many reasons for this. Anytime I’ve been recommended a self-help book I’ve always thought (but mostly kept it to myself) that if the book was really any good then the person recommending it would probably be calmer, happier and generally less mental. Yes, it’s probably not the best sign that I often am advised to read self-help books by different people – sometimes very shortly after meeting me – but I like to think those people recommend everyone to read the book.