Foggy Days Part 2

Foggy Days Part 2

OK so I wrote another little bit of this. It’s still not scary. Just daft and odd. In a kind of relatable way. Maybe? Hopefully.

Where is this going? I have no idea.

Is this a metaphor for world events? No. Not even kind of.

Someone asked me if this was a metaphor for something that’s going on right now. I’m not even going to say what because it will then make anyone reading this associate Foggy Days with that. It’s not about anything in the real world. If it’s about anything it’s just about that feeling that life has stopped making sense and hoping for it to return to something like “normal” – which deep down you know isn’t possible. And no that is not a comment on our world at the moment – because to be honest this is the way I’ve felt about life since my teens. Which is quite some time ago. So … this just is a bit of nonsense.

Don’t try and make sense of nonsense. Be either entertained or distracted by it – or just ignore it. No point letting nonsense bother you, right?

Will it be another couple of months till I post the next part? Oh dear… Look, I probably shouldn’t have started posting Foggy Days without having it finished first. The reason why I’m posting a bit now is because I watched some videos on the booktube part of youtube and – I’ve forgotten what exactly I watched… But anyway some girl was worrying about (figuratively) poisoning a well or something and I was thinking “woah some young people these days are far too conscientious for their own good”. My assumption is that people are never as invested in what you’re doing as you are – which is a pretty safe assumption, right? And oftentimes I’m not that invested in what I’m doing. But then there are times when people can get a bit annoyed when you start something but don’t finish it. Some people…

Actually if I start watching a film, even if it’s terrible, I will kind of have to see what happens in the end. *sigh* I guess I’m some people too…

Anyway all that made me think of Foggy Days – and the toons – and I thought I should just post stuff to get give anyone who happens upon them and is curious some kind of conclusion to them. Even it it’s … whatever? Reposting the inaccurate recipes worked well. Dammit, I’m just after noticing that there’s one I didn’t update – the Banana Apple Loaf. Hmm, I guess that’s another thing to finish then.

So … I guess I will try and post one of these each week till it’s done.

Although maybe the Banana Apple Loaf should take priority?

Well anyways, here’s the second part of Foggy Days.

Or if you want to read it from the beginning – here’s what we know so far about those Foggy Days

Maura welcoming the gang.
Well, ye’ve certainly picked a funny day for a road trip.
Cow running for help.