Some Fine Music

After writing that stuff below I thought … hmm, maybe most people would just rather hear the music. I picked 12 tracks because … well, because I’m 40 I’ve no idea what’s current really.


I was half thinking of rambling/ranting about what’s happening in the world at the moment – but honestly … I don’t really want to think about it. So. Not going to.

Anyway I should be more focused on what’s happening in Ireland – the housing situation just seems to go from worse to worse again. Maybe I’m being too negative. I’d like to see rent control being introduced that would set rents at the rental prices from 2010 and thereafter the only allowable increases would be tied to inflation. Also I’d like if in situations where hedge funds or debt companies have bought distressed mortgages at discounted prices, local authorities could be given the opportunity to buy those properties at discounted prices (still giving the companies a decent profit – as opposed to the obscene one they can make on the open market). Then the council will own the property, the household can stay living there paying rent to the council, and then if they remain in that property for 15 years they could have the option to buy the property back from the council. These are just a couple of the ideas that I have about what needs to be done but I have no idea how to go about making this happen.

This is the very last time I’m going to mention The Fountainhead – I promise – but often when I dislike something or somebody there still is something useful I can learn from it or them. And there is one point Ayn Rand makes that I fully agree with  – before you can do things for people you must be the kind of man [person] who can get things done. I’m not the kind of person who gets things done. That’s what I really need to do – and honestly I’m not sure I can become that sort of person. So my 2017 resolution is … um … get some stuff done in my own life and then see what I can do beyond that. That and do what little I can to speak out against any us v them nonsense I hear. I think really the best way to combat it is to refuse to see categories just look at the individual in front of you.

So how about instead we just listen to some fine music?

I listen to a lot of music from yesteryears – and there is so much gorgeous stuff there – but when you I listen to it on YouTube I’m always slightly dumbfounded by the number of people who comment about how crap the music is today compared to back then – and it doesn’t matter what decade the music is from there is always someone going on about how music is just no good anymore – too commercial, too processed, too whatever.

I couldn’t disagree more. If you think things were better way back when then you’re thinking back only to the good bits of the old days. There was lots of stuff that wasn’t so good. You’re remembering an incomplete neverwas world. It’s fun to lose oneself in the neverwas but it’s not real. There’s no point pretending it is. And what are you missing out on in the actuallyis here and now?

Don’t worry I think I’m saying that more to myself than to anyone else really.

Anyway these tunes may not be bang up to date – but they’re recent enough – as in they were made in this millenium – and they’re great so … enjoy!

Um, so Massive Attack actually released Angel in 1998… I’m leaving it in. It wouldn’t be a twimii list if it was exactly as described.