Today Ireland recognised the state of Palestine

Today Ireland recognised the state of Palestine

I want to thank our politicians who have worked for our state to officially recognise the state of Palestine. It was announced today that Norway and Ireland will officially recognise Palestine. Spain is also going to recognise Palestine May 28.

The state of Palestine area is based on 1967 borders, that is including the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as a shared capital with Israel.

I hope that the whole international community will push for the full recognition of Palestine by all countries. And that we will see a free and sovereign Palestine living peacefully with its free and sovereign neighbour, Israel.

ICC’s Prosecutor seeks arrest warrants

Also this week, Karim Khan’s applied for arrest warrants for the Hamas leaders, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Ismail Haniyeh, for their responsibility for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed “from at least 7 October 2023”. The prosecutor also applied for arrest warrants for Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Minister for Defence, Yoav Gallant. The warrants are for their responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the Gaza strip “from at least 8 October 2023”.

You can read his statement in full here.

The Hamas attack on Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023, and the taking of hostages that day, is indefensible. I cannot understand how anyone would try to defend, excuse or minimise how awful that attack was. I hope arrest warrants are issued for those responsible and that they are held fully accountable for their crimes.

The campaign Israel has pursued against the people in the Gaza strip is also indefensible. There can be no excusing decisions such as turning off water, limiting the flow of essential supplies, like food, like medical supplies, into the territory, the targeting of hospitals, people’s homes. The list is too long to detail here. The assault on Gaza that has occurred in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks is indefensible. I hope arrest warrants are issued for those responsible and that they are held fully accountable for their crimes.

Update: May 24, 2024

The International Court of Justice, ICJ, in response to an emergency application by South Africa, has ordered that Israel must immediately halt its assault on Rafah. The ICJ’s rulings are legally binding but the court does not have enforcement powers. So, if Israel ignores this ruling, the response of the international community to this ruling is hugely important. For more details, please read International Court of Justice orders that Israel immediately halt its offensive on city of Rafah.

The Plan for Gaza?

The destruction of Gaza that has taken place over the last eight months is really staggering. Much of the housing and important buildings essential for community and life there, like universities, hospitals and football stadiums, have been bombed.

Increasingly there has been talk about what is the “day after” plan for Gaza. What is going to happen with Gaza after a ceasefire has been implemented? The ceasefire is all important. As is the return of the hostages. But if we agree that the Gaza strip is part of the state of Palestine, shouldn’t the plan for Gaza be decided by Palestinians?

Of course Israel has a right to defend itself. And her neighbours must accept Israel’s right to exist. Peaceful relations must be developed and maintained.

But the current assault on Gaza isn’t making Israel more secure. It seems to be about destroying Gaza for Palestinians and bringing it under the full control of the Israel Defense Forces. Please read What Israel’s strategic corridor in Gaza reveals about its postwar plans.

Israeli troops are fortifying a strategic corridor that carves Gaza in two, building bases, taking over civilian structures and razing homes, according to satellite imagery and other visual evidence — an effort that military analysts and Israeli experts say is part of a large-scale project to reshape the Strip and entrench the Israeli military presence there.The Netzarim Corridor is a four-mile-long road just south of Gaza City that runs from east to west, stretching from the Israeli border to the Mediterranean Sea. Hamas has made Israel’s withdrawal from the area a central demand in cease-fire negotiations.
Screenshot of section of Washington Post article

I’m grateful to our politicians and to all the countries who have or who are going to soon recognise the state of Palestine. It’s going to take more than recognition though to secure the futures of a free Palestine and a free Israel. I hope Ireland and the international community will do everything possible to ensure peace and prosperity for Israel and Palestine.

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