The old (and often inaccurate) recipes of twimii’s past

In December 2014 I decided to completely change the look of the blog (if you’re at all familiar with twimii, you’ll know I do this every so often – did the same with abitmoreveg, whose look I’ve now slapped on twimii). Anyway I moved from joomla to wordpress that time and wanted to do it very quickly which is why I dumped all the recipes into pdfs. Also, I was worried the recipes were all wrong. They’re not all wrong. Just most of them.

Some old twimii recipes
Some of the recipes from way back when … 2011 – 2014

Here are all the recipe list of the recipes from the old site in pdf form. I simply hit the PDF button to make these files so they are not the prettiest but then neither are the recipes. I discovered a couple of years ago, when trying to remake Baby Guinness Mousse that I hadn’t recorded them all correctly. I’m revisiting them slowly but surely so there should eventually be a complete list here. Some I can recreate exactly because I gave up gluten in early 2015 – but that just means I’ll be making a gluten-free version. No harm?

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