Another French Film…

Another French Film…

But this one you will probably like.

le trou the hole 1960
Le Trou (The Hole) 1960, it’s about a prison break.

** I wrote this back in February or March of last year. I wanted to post a French movie online that was great, entertaining, and in no way like The Purple Taxi. Unfortunately the tools the French use for finding copyrighted material online are very effective because I didn’t manage to post the movie for anything longer than 2 hours. I changed the look of this weekend and I found this in the Drafts section and decided to post it as a movie recommendation at least. You can find the movie online – just not a version I have uploaded.

So after reading a couple of comments on The Purple Taxi I kind of regret posting it to youtube. I’m also surprised that YouTube didn’t ask me to remove it yet because, obviously, I don’t own the copyright.

I had this idea of posting another French film but one that would appeal to a wider audience. I watched Le Trou on youtube. I came across it by complete accident. I think I’d mistyped whatever I was looking for and I just started watching it to see what it was about. It turned out to be an entertaining story about a prison break. You could actually watch this without subtitles and without a word of French, and still enjoy it because a lot of the story (and the fun of it) is in just watching them working on the break-out.

The copy I saw on YouTube was removed so I think this one might be too. I don’t know they may suspend my account. To be honest, I’m getting a little curious to see what happens exactly… Canal+ (Studio Canal) seem to be the copyright holders of this film and I think they might be more protective of their copyright. Sure we’ll see…

I don’t monetize the videos so maybe they only object if you’re doing that. We’ll see…

I didn’t write the subtitles for this one. There were English subtitles with it and they seem good enough to me.

Take a look. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.


So I wrote that this morning and when I came back from work I discovered that Studio Canal had already blocked it – or perhaps YouTube checks videos of full-length films… Who knows.

Nobody seems to object to The Purple Taxi though. Apart perhaps from the people who started watching it. I took a look at the analytics for the video and it looks like most people watch it up to the point where you just go – “Wait – what did she just say?” (I have no idea if this is still the case because I have since lost the login for that account and … well … that’s that really.)

I possibly should have just left the whole thing myself at that point. But then I wouldn’t have ended up choosing this template for the redesign of the blog – and do you know I really do like it. And maybe lots of people just tend to watch the first 15 – 20 minutes of most movies and then decide to do something else instead. Maybe.

But there are so many good French films out there and I don’t want the only one I’m sharing with strangers to be The Purple Taxi. I want it to be Le Trou. It’s a really good film which I don’t think many people are aware of and pretty much everyone would enjoy.

Which is why I have now uploaded it to Dailymotion – which I think is a French owned site. I hope it will stay there for a bit at least.


It didn’t. It was gone by the next morning.

It is possible to find this film online but it is not possible for me to upload the film. I’m not going to share a link here because it won’t be long then until it’s taken down.

Pointless post I know – that’s why I only published it now – rather than back in – I don’t February or March in 2015 – when I wrote it.

But you can find it if you look. And if you enjoy films like The Great Escape or ones about gangs or friendships, you really should check this out. It’s a little gem.