Lost Classic That Never Was – Part 9

Lost Classic That Never Was – Part 9

In this part Peter asks Howard to design Cortlandt Homes – the scene is a bit different from the original. Other stuff happens too – and Cab Calloway performs Minnie The Moocher.

What’s all this about then? It’s You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You And Swing It – an old movie I’d really enjoy watching only it never was made or existed or anything. It uses scenes from the 1949 movie The Fountainhead but adds in a whole bunch of other characters and some musical numbers. A bit of madness really.

Here’s Part 9.

Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey and Gary Cooper
Well, this is a little awkward…

So this bit begins with Howard over at the Wynand’s and as the threesome look over Howard’s plans for their dream home, Dominique loses it and says that she can’t live there. Basically she tries to make Howard walk out and fails. Because he’s a Superman. And possibly doesn’t give a damn about Dominique – not what Ayn Rand wants you to think but really it’s hard not to draw that conclusion.

Cab Calloway performs Minnie the Moocher. In the audience is Peter who bemoans the current downturn in his career to Ellsworth, prompting Ellsworth to tell him about Corbin Cortlandt’s plans for low cost housing. And the site is already secured.

Cab Calloway in the lost classic that never was You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You And Swing It.
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale…

Ann passes on the information to Rosie.

Jean Arthur as Ann Kirby
Corbin Cortlandt – that’s with a t at the end.

Peter meets with Howard, hoping that Roark will collaborate with Keating & Kirby to design Cortlandt Homes. Howard refuses and instead schools Peter on his philosophy of work.

Gary Cooper and Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Peter is baffled by Howard’s attitude.

Peter returns to the office and tells Rosie and Ann about the meeting.

Peter Keating, Ann Kirby and Rosie Mitchell, You Can Take Your Fountainhead and Swing It.
Really he’s a genius…

Edee sings at a launch event for the development of Cortlandt Homes.

Edee Darling, Lost Classic That Neverwas
Edee singing When You’re Smiling at a ceremony to launch the development of Cortlandt Homes.

Gail reads through an article about Peter Keating’s design for Cortlandt Homes and instantly recognizes it as Howard’s work.

Dominique, Gail and Howard
Gail talking about how great Howard is…

Howard agrees to go on a vacation with Gail, on his yacht. When she gets him alone Dominique tries to persuade Howard not to go.

Dominique Wynand and Howard Roark
I don’t want to discuss it, Mrs. Wynand.

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