Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

I’ve never been to Chesapeake Bay. I like the sound of it – the name.

chesapeake bay
This is a free-to-use image I found on Pixabay. You can find some prettier photos online if you search. And this is pretty as it is.

When I saw it mentioned in a thing I was reading yesterday evening I looked up some photos to see if it was as pretty as its name – seems it is – and then I looked it up on youtube and watched these three videos … then I found out today is Earth Day – seemed like a sign to post them. So even though I’m in no position to be telling anyone about protecting the environment – I drive a car to work when I could easily cycle there – it only takes 15 minutes. Maybe the guilt I feel admitting that will change my behaviour – wouldn’t bank on it though…

  1. Pollution in The Chesapeake Bay
  2. Life in the Chesapeake Bay
  3. Trump Proposes Cutting Funds for Chesapeake Bay Program

Damnit, I’m now going to have to cycle to work…

Also, must stop believing in signs.


Here is a link to an article in the Washington Post about the Conowingo Dam not being as an effective barrier as previously thought to sediment washing into the bay and smothering bay grasses that nurture marine life. So basically rather than being able to cope with the proposed cuts in funding it seems like the clean-up efforts require much more funding not less.