Maltese Spritzer

Maltese Spritzer

A Maltese Spritzer is a bright and sunny cocktail made with sparkling wine, prickly pear liqueur, lime cordial, soda water and ice.

I didn’t add any soda water when making these. Because I forgot. And honestly I don’t think it’s needed.

Is a spritzer a spritzer if it’s made without soda water? Well, this one’s going to be.

Before I decided to make a cocktail instead of some yummy food, I was, as usual, torn between two dishes. I was going to make a gluten-free version of Ħobż biż-żejt (a type of open sandwich) or a gluten-free Bragioli (a hearty beef dish).

I’ll definitely have to try the Bragioli sometime. Looks very hearty.

So why a Maltese Spritzer?

I searched online for cocktails from Malta and this was the first result. I found two different recipes, here and here. Both use pretty much the same ingredients but the brands they use are different. I bought the only prickly pear liqueur I could find online and I saw some reviews saying they preferred the one they had in Malta. But, admittedly as someone who never tasted prickly pear liqueur before, I thought the one I used was lovely.

I couldn’t find a Maltese sparking wine or Girgentina Frizzante so I opted for a pink Prosecco instead.

Am I yet again posting a recipe for a cocktail that is already online?

Well, there’s no soda water in mine. it’s like chalk and … slightly stronger chalk.

Things to See & Do in Malta

I’ve actually been to Malta. They have wonderful weather and the bluest water there. It’s ancient, as in there’s a lot of history to the island – and to Gozo. If you go to Malta you have to take at least a day trip to Gozo. They speak Maltese, but everyone also seems to speak English fluently. And they have a great public transport system. You can go everywhere by bus. You don’t need to hire a car.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what some experts suggest

What is Malta like for Coeliacs and the Gluten-Intolerant?

I’ve no idea. I was there in 2012 which is a few years before I gave up gluten. I suspect it might be easy enough. I’m trying to remember what I ate over there and I think it was mostly seafood.

The Coeliac UK produced this helpful guide for Malta.

Pink Prosecco, Prickly Pear liqueur, lime cordial and ice. Orange, mint and cocktail cherries for garnish. I didn’t use the soda water.

Maltese Spritzer


  • ice
  • 1 generous shot of Prickly Pear liqueur
  • rosé sparkling wine
  • splash of lime cordial
  • sprigs of mint, orange slices and cocktail cherries, for decoration


  1. Half fill a large glass with ice. Pour over a generous shot of prickly pear liqueur and add a splash of lime cordial.
  2. Fill up the glass with sparkling wine ans stir gently to mix.
  3. Add in a sprig of mint, a slice of orange and some cocktail cherries. Enjoy!

Maltese Spritzer
Maltese Spritzer. It might be a cold day in Dublin but it’s starting to feel that bit sunnier. – Oh, whoever and wherever you are, hope you’re having a great International Women’s Day.