Please Demand a Ceasefire

Please Demand a Ceasefire

Please world leaders, please, demand a ceasefire on all sides and an immediate release of the hostages.

The attacks on Israel on October 7th and the subsequent siege of Gaza, all of it is awful. I haven’t been able to find the words to say something right about it. I am so sorry for everyone affected. It’s sickening. All of it. And I feel we, the rest of the world, are failing all the people, all the everyday people of Palestine and Israel.

We’ve been failing the people there for a very long time now.

I am very concerned that the siege of Gaza is going to turn into an annexation of not just Gaza but all the Palestinians territories. By that I mean that the IDF will take full control of those areas. I believe we need international peace-keeping forces in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Israel has every right to defend itself. And the Hamas attacks on October 7th were so horrendous that I can’t go into any detail about them. Similarly, I cannot write about the targeting of hospitals and the refugee camp in Gaza. Israel has every right to defend itself but I do not see how the siege of Gaza is preventing future attacks on Israel or how it is guaranteeing the safe return of the hostages.

My words are completely inadequate. I want to send a message of solidarity and sympathy to both Palestinians and Israelis. And to ask anyone who is reading this to please call on your political representatives and tell them to demand a ceasefire on all sides and an immediate release of all the hostages.

Please ask your Political Representatives to demand a ceasefire

Our politicians can do something. By our politicians I mean political representatives throughout our world. They can do something. Thank you to all the Irish politicians who have loudly and clearly called for a ceasefire. Politicians across the political spectrum here have called for a ceasefire all while acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself and the horror of the October 7th attacks, and the long-standing unjust treatment of the Palestinian people.

Free Palestine. I believe there will be a free Palestine. I hope we will see it in our lifetime.

Free Israel. I believe Israel has every right to exist, and I support and applaud its existence. I do not agree with Israel’s policies towards the Palestinian people and their territories. Increasingly I am concerned about Israel’s policies not just against the Palestinian people but against Israel itself. I am worried that it is becoming a sort of fortress state. And if Israel were to gain full control of Gaza and the West Bank I fear that the methods of surveillance currently used against Palestinians would be used against all Israelis. I believe for Israel to be truly free there must be a Free Palestine. Free Palestine. Free Israel.

I am so sorry for all the grief and pain that Palestinians and Israelis are suffering through. Please do not be insulted or offended by any of my words here. I send you my deepest sympathy and I am ashamed that is all I can do.

Please watch this video which is showing sides of this conflict that are so often ignored, the views of everyday people there.

Demand a ceasefire and a release of all the hostages. And if you can, please donate to MSF.

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