September New Year?

September New Year?

September is like a new year. And this year that seems more true than ever.

Restrictions lifting. Offices reopening. Me getting off the sofa for prolonged periods. It’s all change.

And after this long moment of doing next to nothing that’s no bad thing. I know some people have used this time very wisely and productively. I haven’t.

This year I started off determined to change that. But after a short burst of doing things, the shutdown at the beginning of this year ended up hitting harder than last year’s one. Did you find that?

This year has been more difficult, in lots of ways.

But I have to admit I feel more positive since getting vaccinated. – But I’m so disappointed and angry that the vaccines still aren’t being produced in massive quantities to quickly rollout throughout the world. There is something desperately wrong-headed and just plain wrong in the failure to vaccinate the whole world quickly. And the only reason this hasn’t happened is for profit-making reasons.

And being vaccinated doesn’t guarantee you won’t get covid… But at least you’re much less likely to get it and if you are unlucky enough to it won’t be so bad a dose.

But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m not even going to think about any of that.

For the rest of this year I’m focusing on the kind of things that distract and engross me. So I’m going to restart my hobbies, like twimii. I’m going to be updating (correcting) some posts. So if you see any changes being made or find some posts unavailable that’ll be the reason why.

Let hope this new September makes for a better fresh start than January did.

Happy September New Year Everyone!

Happy September New Year