Foggy Days Part 3

Foggy Days Part 3

Right. Here’s the next bit.

So this is a screenplay for a horror film inspired by the image below.

twimii header
I wanted it to look like the gang were inviting you into their kitchen.

I created it as a header for the site because at one stage the header for was this one –

old twimii header menu
This was once the top menu on the site.

But I took it down within a week because no matter what I did with it I just felt there’s was something quite unsettling about the scene. For one, it doesn’t look like it’s their kitchen. And for another their expressions are all different, as if they’re coping or reacting to their situation in different ways.

The picture gave me the idea for two different horror stories and I started on the other one in 2017. But then I was worried it might be misinterpreted. I’m going have to get over that if I’m going to tell any stories. It was a bit complicated anyways. So I dropped it.

I did start this one last year but I sort of dropped – everything – because I was completely done-in for most of last year. Then when it was coming up to Hallowe’en I decided to set myself the challenge of blogging every day as a gentle way to become a bit more productive. And I have become a bit more productive. But I’m not sure how much this is down to the blogging exercise or the fact that I was without a car for the whole month and had to cycle everywhere – and the fact that I started eating the right amount of protein for my body weight.

So in the week leading up to Hallowe’en last year I decided I’d blog everyday in November and I was going to put as much content together as possible over that week so that I wouldn’t have to literally create something everyday but I would have something to post everyday. How did I think that would work? Uh … Well I did have somethings ready like the Grass Snake story and I had started Foggy Days. And I found drawings of the toons up to the Rejected by a Cult one. Except the Letter to Twimii’s 60 year old self one which I wrote rather than drew. And that ended up taking days to complete…

Then I discovered – to my great surprise – that the recipe posts were the quickest ones to do. Often my culinary experiments don’t work out. But while everything – and I mean everything – was going wrong for me that month, the recipes turned out great. And I was literally making and posting a new recipe everyday – almost – there were some toons and things thrown in. I meant to keep that up – and I will restart them too. I’m on a let’s-finish-things-up kick.

And I’m letting you know this because just like in the early days of twimii once again people seem to be visiting the About page more. So if you’re wondering what this is all about – that’s the story.

And just to be clear this is a food blog primarily.

And what is Foggy Days about again?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The radio-tabletop-thingamajiggy.