Lost Classic That Never Was – Part 6

There’s a party in Cortlandt Homes to celebrates it’s opening. This one’s a little bit different to the original…

The Marx Brothers reappearing in the lost classic that never was
Strange dialog but cracking party I’d say.

This bit is one of my favourite parts. I like the stuff around the courtroom too but I think if I did come across this online – like if it really was a film – this would be the part where I’d think “oh, I’m glad I started watching this”. Just because for me the humour in this is like the 1930s humour.

So if you have just come here by accident and have no idea what I’m on about, don’t worry I barely have a clue myself. The intro to the first bit is probably the best explanation you’ll get.

Don’t have much to say about this bit other than I like it. Hope you do too.

Here it is:

Chapter 6

And here’s some images from You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You And Swing It.

Jean Arthur as Ann Kirby in the lost classic that never was
While so many are in need of shelter…
Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Patricia Neal in the lost classic that never was
Peter: You were actually engaged to Bertie Wooster, my cousin…
Dominique: I don’t think so.
In fairness, there was no way he’d ever get away with that.
Ginger Rogers as Rosie Mitchell singing My Funny Valentine
But don’t change a hair for me…

Oh I got that image of the piano from this youtube clip – it’s the music from the Mario Brothers. It’s great.

Gene Tierney as Laura in the lost classic that never was
Laura notices Ann talking to Howard.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr as Peter Keating in the lost classic that never was
And isn’t it splendid…

And here’s all the bits up to this point:

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Chapter 6

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