Raspberry Mint Daiquiri

Raspberry Mint Daiquiri

This raspberry mint daiquiri is inspired by the Lithuanian Bacardí Legacy 2013 winning drink by Robertas Janovskis at Sweet and Sour, Vilnius, Lithuania.

At the end of last year I tried out some cocktail recipes from Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta. They worked out great. Very easy to follow and totally yummy to boot.

But then I shied away from posting them because I made very minor changes to the original recipes. And also is it OK to post cocktail recipes for a country? Especially when there are so many yummy food dishes from that country?

Lithuania has a potato casserole, Kugelis, which sounds amazing. I was thinking of substituting smoked salmon for the bacon. Cepelinai is another amazing sounding dish; dumplings of meat and potato served in a thick sour cream sauce.

There are lots of tasty dishes in Lithuania.

Anyway I’ve decided to post the cocktail recipes. Because they’re lovely.

And because I was actually quite unwell in February and I think it may just be down to over-indulgence. So I’m trying, not sure if I’m succeeding yet, to be healthier and more measured in my choices this month.

So why a Raspberry Mint Daiquiri?

Well, the raspberries in the award winning cocktail are apparently what makes it so Lithuanian as you can find them growing wild throughout the forests there.

I couldn’t find any lemongrass when I was making this so I tried it with both basil and mint. I was surprised how well the basil worked. But the mint gives it a freshness I love. It’s very simple. And it’s only kissed with the mint really. If you love raspberries you should love this.

You should use a shaker to make this. I don’t have one. I think I used my gym bottle. So at least it got some use last year.

Things to See & Do in Lithuania

  • A list of 27 things to see and do in Lithuania, written by a Lithuanian. There’s beautiful and diverse scenery. And the list is worth reading even if just to find out about the Hill of Crosses, a symbol of hope and strength, standing against political oppression.
  • 8 Best Places To Visit In Lithuania {+ Full Itinerary} – Fancy an itinerary for a road trip around Lithuania, this blogging couple have kindly provided it. And the photo of her sitting on a giant park bench? I’ve no idea where that’s from. I love it though.
  • Apparently Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a foodie capital.

What is Lithuania like for coeliacs and the gluten intolerant?

It sounds like it’s easy enough to manage there. This is a great blog post with travel and sightseeing tips as well as where to eat. She uses the Lithuanian Coeliac Gluten Free Card everywhere.

ingredients raspberry mint daiquiri
So on the day I made two versions of this – one with lime and mint, and one with lemon and basil.

Raspberry Mint Daiquiri


  • ice
  • 2 shots of white rum
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • 1 small handful raspberries
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 5 mint leaves
  • Sprig of mint for garnish


  1. Crush some ice in a blender.
  2. Using an open shaker, or some similar receptacle, place a sieve over the opening. Put the raspberries and mint leaves into the sieve and using a wooden spoon force all the juice from the raspberries mixed with the mint into the shaker.
  3. Stir in the lime and rum. Stir in the sugar.
  4. Add in the same amount again of crushed ice.
  5. Serve in a coupe glass with a sprig of mint. Enjoy!

Raspberry Mint Daiquiri. Fresh and delicious.