You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You And Swing It!

You can find all the different parts of that neverwas classic You Can Take Your Fountainhead With You & Swing It! below – links are in the captions under the images.

Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Jean Arthur
To a splendid night and a splendid future! (from Part 1)
Jean Arthur as Ann Kirby
What is he doing? (from Part 2)
Mystery masked woman
The woman in the mask – and a rather difficult pose. (from Part 2)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Jean Arthur
Ann looks around at the rest of the party-goers. She’d
rather be talking about fun things. (from Part 2)
Ginger Rogers and James Stewart
Ann, I was joking. I’m not sleeping on the couch. Bill is. (from Part 2)
The Marx Brothers
Chico is chasing Harpo around the peanut cart. Harpo stops abruptly and somehow Chico ends up holding his leg. (from Part 3)
David Niven and Patricia Neal
I’m not going to help you. I’d like to see it decided between Mr. Wynand and yourself. (from Part 3)
Margaret Lockwood and David Niven
Bunny is momentarily distracted by Dominique. (from Part 3)
Ginger Rogers
What honey? Did something catch fire?(from Part 3)
Billie Holiday
Edee totting up the take. (from Part 3)
George Sanders and David Niven
Alcohol poisoning, sir? (from Part 4)
Ginger Rogers
Rosie is walking up the stairs. She seems both disgusted and ashamed of her surroundings. (from Part 5)
Lionel Barrymore
Rosie! Come here girl till I get a good look at you! (from Part 5)
Billie Holiday
I’ve flown around the world in a plane… (from Part 5)
Jean Arthur
While so many are in need of shelter, effort is being wasted to erect a structural monstrosity known as the Enright House. (from Part 6)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Patricia Neal
You were actually engaged to Bertie Wooster, my cousin… (from Part 6)
Patricia Neal, Groucho Marx, Ray Collins, Chico Marx and Gary Cooper
Wow, I had totally the wrong
meaning for architecture before… (from Part 6)
Gene Tierney
Laura sees Ann talking to Howard and heads over to them. (from Part 6)
Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers
Don’t they make a lovely couple? Don’ya think? – To Bill and Rose. (from Part 7)
Ginger Rogers and Louise Beavers
Child, you can get all the promises of support you like. We – need – a – site Rosie. Till then there’s just no way no how. (from Part 8)
Jean Arthur
You’ll go blind. (from Part 8)
Gary Cooper and Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Peter is baffled. (from Part 9)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Jean Arthur and Ginger Rogers
Really he’s a genius, and a good, hardworking and honest man. (from Part 9)
Billie Holiday
Edee singing When You’re Smiling. (from Part 9)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr
What are you going to do? (from Part 10)
Robert Douglas
Ellsworth Toohey talking over a shot of his column. (from Part 10)
Jean Arthur and Louise Beavers
Mrs. Dubray is sitting with Ann trying to talk a little sense into her. (from Part 11)
Billie Holiday
Edee stands back a bit and takes a good look at Gail. (from Part 11)
Louise Beavers
Mrs. Dubray is on the stand giving her testimony. (from Part 12)
Jimmy Stewart beside Ginger Rogers, Billie Holiday, Louise Beavers and Spring Byington
Don’t you see how destroying homes is destroying independence? (from Part 12)
Raymond Massey, Jean Arthur and Douglas Fairbanks Jr
It’s fantasy but it’s also very practical. (from Part 12)
Raymond Massey and Patricia Neal
Dominique walks away but she looks conflicted. (from Part 12)

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