Baked Coconut Rice Pudding

Baked Coconut Rice Pudding

This is gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is.

Do you like rice pudding? Do you like those nursery-food desserts? Like bread pudding? Or stewed apple and custard? I love them at this time of year. They’re just lovely, warm, sweet bowls of sleep-inducing comfort. Love them.

Because I now have a couple of vegan dinner recipes I thought why not get some really satisfying vegan dessert recipes. Not healthy stuff. Good winter-warmer stuff.

Which quickly brings me to a point; I don’t know if this is a “healthy” dessert or not. Online articles on coconut oil seem to keep changing their minds about whether it’s a heart-healthy fat or not. And if they don’t know I’m not going to pretend to.

You only add about a dessertspoon of sugar to the this. But you serve it with a small spoon of jam… It’s made with unsweetened coconut milk. So it could be low(ish) in sugar and chock-full of healthy fat. Sweet goodness.

Or it could be perfectly sweet and full of indulgent creamy tasting fat. That sounds like a diet-be-damned recipe. It tastes like one.  But it may be quite healthy.

So that’s why this is tagged with both “diet-be-damned” and “sweet goodness“.

Where did I get the recipe?

I searched for “baked rice pudding” and this was the top result. I cut the ingredients in half. Subtituted a mix of full-fat coconut milk and water for the dairy milk. Added in a little mix of caradamom, ginger and cinnamon – just a pinch of each. I definitely kept the nutmeg – because I love nutmeg. And I used coconut oil rather than butter and added a little salt.

I added a small dollop of blackcurrant jam into each serving. But any good red berry jam would be lovely with this. I do think blackcurrants are wonderful – but really I’m thinking about fresh ones when I say that. But this jam is lovely with this.

Oh about the rice…

I use Arborio rice here. That’s the one for risotto’s. It might even say that on the pack. I think pudding rice is the same but for some reason it’s cheaper. I find them pretty much interchangeable. But I do find the risotto rice is often of better quality. Or do I just think that because I’ve paid more? Maybe.

Anyway pudding or risotto rice is the thing for this recipe. And I’m going to list pudding rice in the ingredients list below.

ingredients for baked coconut rice pudding
Pudding rice, sugar, coconut milk, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. And jam. Don’t forget the jam.

Baked Coconut Rice Pudding

Serves 2

Baked Coconut Rice Pudding


  • 1 (400ml) tin full-fat coconut milk
  • 70g pudding rice
  • 1 dessertspoon (about 25g) caster sugar
  • coconut oil
  • seed from 2 green cardamom pods, ground
  • good pinch of ginger
  • greater pinch of cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • salt


  1. Grease a baking dish with coconut oil and heat the oven to 140 C.
  2. Put the coconut milk into a deep saucepan, together with two-thirds of its tin in water, the caster sugar, the spices and a small pinch of salt. Turn on the heat to high and stir or whisk to ensure everything is well combined. Stir in the rice and once it comes to boil, remove from heat and pour into the greased oven-dish.
  3. Into the spoon you've been using to stir the rice, add a little coconut oil, a tiny pinch of salt and just a little bit of cinnamon. Drizzle this over your dish. Finally add a generous grating of nutmeg on top and place in the oven to back for an hour or so. Then turn down the heat to 110 C and bake for another 45 minutes.
  4. Take out and allow to cool for 10 minutes or so. Serve with a small dollop of jam and a grating of nutmeg.

It’s not impressive looking but it’s very tasty.
spoon of baked coconut rice pudding with blackcurrant jam
Baked coconut rice pudding. No! This spoon’s for me. … Well it is nursery food.